My Stories

Well, here we are - my stories. I still consider myself as learning my craft, despite passing the million-word mark sometime in 2005, a landmark considered by one of my favourite fantasy authors, David Eddings, as marking the end of a writer's apprenticeship. There are only a few stories at the moment, but there will be more. I promise! Some of the work here has appeared on Literotica, some of it is new for this site. I hope you enjoy reading them. If you do, I'd love you to tell me. If you don't, I'd love you to tell me why.

A Promise Kept      Forced to leave home by a brutal, drunken father, Jack made a promise, a promise to go back for Mary, the woman his father put in the place of Jack's dead mother. But will Mary still be there, or will his father's drunken violence have driven Mary away? Or could it be worse?
Ex Libris      She's been mentally scarred by a drunken father, her mother is dead after a long illness, and she's always avoided men. So why, when Doctor John Ridley, a university lecturer, asks her to have dinner with him, does she say yes?
Mail Order Bride      When he steps in to prevent a young woman being bothered by unwanted attention from a man, little does Jim Mackenzie realise that by the end of the same day he'll have a wife - and a mortal enemy.
Merry Christmas!      Anne is lost on the mountain, it's snowing heavily, and her transport is an elderly Honda. There's ice under the snow, and when she skids she knows the crash is inevitable. But now the car's in the stream, the water is rising, and she can't open the doors because they're blocked by rocks. Will she drown, or will she freeze to death first?
Renewal       Julie March has been hurt in the past, and is still finding difficulties in her relationships. Offered the loan of a sailboat, provided she takes someone with her who knows boats, the only one she knows is Bob Archer, who she really only knows as her aunt's lover. Will sailing with Bob help her get over her past? Can Bob help to make her whole again? Can love really come so quickly?
The Talisman       Emma Dodd, penniless following the death of her beloved father after a long and ultimately terminal illness, must sell her family home to pay off the debts accrued while she nursed him. Colonel Richard Faulkner is sick of warfare after eighteen years in the British Army. Resigning his commission, he purchases Emma's home, and offers her the post as his housekeeper. With little option, Emma accepts. Into their lives comes Lucy, sent away from home following a scandal, bringing with her a strange medallion.
The Gift       Little does Steve Jensen, charter boat skipper, suspect that when Jack and Helen Grant charter the Nora instead of flying home, before the week is out he will have lost his home, almost lost his life, and be marooned on a deserted island!

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