Font Size

This site was developed and optimised for 1024 x 768 pixels. I've tested it at screen resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 without problems, as the site is designed without fixed width. At smaller resolutions, however, the default text is rather large, and at larger resolutions, rather small. Most, if not all, browsers have the facility to change the displayed text size, which will enable you to optimise your view. Doing so may well have a knock-on effect, resulting in images being misplaced and similar mishaps. I apologise for that, but have no plans on doing anything at present, as there are very few images. This site is about words, not pictures!

Some examples of the actions to take to change the displayed text size for the more common browsers are as follows.

Internet Explorer 7
On the menu bar select 'View', then 'Text size', then pick one from the options offered.

Use the key shortcuts, Ctrl+= (for larger) or Ctrl+- (for smaller).

Mozilla Firefox
Use the key shortcuts, Ctrl++ (for larger) or Ctrl+- (for smaller).

Probably the easiest of all! Just press the + (plus) key to enlarge, or the - (minus) key to reduce.

Safari (Windows version)
Use the key shortcuts, Ctrl++ (for larger), Ctrl+- (for smaller) or Ctrl+0 (for standard).

These are the (Windows) browsers to which I have access. A similar option should exist in others.

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