This is my page, a shameless piece of self promotion. Below you'll see some details of publications, both print and e-books, where you can find work by me. I'd like to think that at least some of you might seek them out.

      Sex and Satisfaction - from Xcite Books. This volume contains my story "Mermaid by Moonlight"

It's a hot summer night, and Charlie can't sleep, so he takes his sailboat out on the lake in the moonlight. Sally is the odd one out among her paired-off friends. She's out in the night, alone, when she recognises the sailboat, and swims out to ask Charlie if she can join him at the cottage ...
      Five Minute Fantasies - 2 - from Xcite Books. This volume contains my story "Birthday Treat"

It's Harry's birthday, and he's helping attractive divorced neighbour Janet with her garden. When she catches him peeking down the loose neck of her shirt, she knows just what to give him for his birthday!
      Five Minute Fantasies - 3 - from Xcite Books. This volume contains my story "Collision"

When Jack bumps into Jenny - literally! - and offers her a lift home in apology, he never suspects that very soon he'll see her naked loveliness. But that's in a photograph. What chance the reality?

cover illustrations used with the publishers' permission

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