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Welcome to my website. This page will tell you a little about each section of the site, with a link. Or you can just use the links in the panel to the left and go exploring. Your choice. I've tried to make the site as uncluttered and easy to navigate as possible, with a minimum of 'clever' touches. This is because, as a writer, I want nothing to come between you, the reader, and my story, to ensure your maximum enjoyment. You won't find flashing text, pop-up windows, and the like. Mainly because I don't think they're necessary. Without more ado, some words about the site, and the links.

Menu       That's this page. Pretty much self-explanatory, I'd say.
About me       A few words about the perpetrator of this site.
My stories       Ah, yes. My faltering efforts as a writer. The reason for the site!
Publications       I've been fortunate enough to have some work accepted by publishers. You'll find more information here.
Contact Me       If you have anything to say, either about the site, or my efforts as a writer.
Links       Links to other places. Some of friends and fellow writers, and some to other places that have caught my attention.
Font size       The site was optimised for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, so if your screen is that or better you should have no problem, although you may prefer a different font size. Follow the link for notes on changing the size of the text.