This is my guide to other sites that matter to me, and I admit without any guilt whatsoever that some of them relate to places where you can find my work! I guess it's all part of self-promotion, something I still need to learn. It's not enough to let my work speak for me, particularly as my name isn't exactly a household name like Stephen King or Anne Rice or whoever your favourite is. There are a few words about each site, and a link to take you to the site. So as not to show any favouritism, the list is in alphabetical order. Anyway, I love 'em all!

You'll find information about my work on the Publications page, too.

Literotica.com       The site where it might be said I learned my trade as a writer of erotic fiction. If you want to go direct to my Literotica submissions, go here
Xcite Books       UK publisher of anthologies of short stories, including three of mine!

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