About Me

Alex de Kok is the pseudonym behind which lurks a life-long reader - I literally cannot remember not being able to read. A change in career direction in 1995 gave me some extra leisure time, although there are those who might call it by another name. Like, um, unemployment, perhaps? Nevertheless, I had time on my hands, and an urge to finally try my hand at writing. About then, too, I made my first tentative explorations of the internet, and found some erotic fiction. I've always enjoyed reading it, and thought I might try to write some. So I gave it a whirl.

I confess, my early efforts weren't very good. But then, neither was a lot of the erotic fiction I found on the web. In fact, to be candid, a lot of it was sheer rubbish, full of mis-spellings, bad grammar, and statistics. Statistics? Yep, statistics, and not all of them vital, either. Ten- and twelve-inch dicks, DD, EE (and bigger!) bra cups, 44-inch non-sag bosoms and the like. Did no-one write about ordinary people like we saw in the street, in our own neighbourhoods? And what happened to imagination? I don't like my characters described to me down to the last spot on the end of their nose - I like to let my imagination 'join the dots', as it were. Suggestion should be enough for any reader with a halfway decent brain to imagine the rest, and that's the way I try to write, or at least, that's the way I describe my characters. Okay, I'll guide you. I might say my hero was 'tall', but I won't usually tell you he was 'six feet, two and one-quarter inches tall' unless there's a good reason for it.

Anyway, Opportunity had met Inclination, and I gave the writing lark a try, tap-tapping away in private, putting words together into what I hoped were stories, as that's the way I try to write, even in my shorter pieces - tell a story. Came 2000 and I discovered Literotica.com. In July, 2000, I summoned up the nerve to submit my first effort and the rest, as they say, is history.

I've now retired from my part-time work as a computing tutor, so I write. You'll find some of my efforts elsewhere on this site, which I have tried to keep simple and uncluttered, so that the site doesn't come between the story and the reader. Enjoy, and remember this - I love feedback!

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