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Alex de Kok

I'm a writer. Whether I'm a good writer is for you, the reader, to say, and to help you make up your mind you'll find some of my work here, surprise, surprise!

I have always enjoyed reading erotic fiction, good erotic fiction, and I write a lot of adult content in my stories. Therefore I have to say that the material here is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. Sorry, but there it is. If you haven't yet managed to survive your eighteenth birthday I must ask you to leave.

It isn't anything personal, I promise, it's just the way things are, as the site has content restricted to legal adults. So if you're under 18, or material with adult content isn't allowed where you are, I'm afraid you'd better go somewhere else. Sorry.

If you're past the magic age, then welcome. Dive in and enjoy! You'll be able to navigate around the site by using the links you'll find on the left of each of the other pages on the site, so come in, start exploring, and enjoy your visit. Although the site was developed and optimised for a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, I've tested it down to 640 x 480 and it is perfectly readable - although you will have a little more scrolling to do!